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Temperature Labels 101


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Temperature Labels are Used in these Industries:
  • Transportation Safety
  • R & D
  • Food Services
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Electronics
  • Maintenance
  • Medical / Clinical
  • Validation
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Reversible Temperature Label - 7 Level Horizontal

  • example of reversible Temperature Label - dimensions  12.5 x 45 mm / 0.5Reversible. Liquid Crystal Style
  • Low Cost; approx. $2.00 per label
  • Easy to Use - Green indicates actual temp
  • Small footprint
  • Self Adhesive - Fast Response
  • Range - 30°C to 120°C -30°F to 248°F
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°C
  • Shelf Life 18-24 months

How They Work

The molecules in the liquid crystal thermometer are made of cholesterol, and are called cholesteric liquid crystals. The molecules are rod-shaped. The labels show colors by selectively reflecting incident white light. Conventional temperature-sensitive mixtures, in thin films, reflect bright, almost pure colors, turning from colorless ( black, against a black background ) to red at a formulated temperature and, as the temperature is increased, pass through the other colors of the visible spectrum in sequence ( orange, yellow, green, blue and violent ) before turning colorless (black) again at a higher temperature still. The color changes are reversible and on cooling the color change sequence is reversed. PLEASE NOTE: Exposing temperature labels above 250°F / 122°C for extended periods will damage and/or destroy the liquid crystals.

The liquid crystals are usually encapsulated, packaged in microscopic plastic spheres.
This allows the material to be cut. they are also thermally rugged which allows them to
be laminated to protect them from hard handling in a high temperature laminating

How To Read The Label

blue boxBLUE bar highlighted is below the actual temperature reading.

green boxGREEN bar highlighted is the actual temperature reading

brown boxRED/BROWN bar highlighted is above the actual temperature reading.

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Non-Reversible / Irreversible Temperature Labels

  • example of non-reversible Temperature LabelNon-Reversible or Irreversible
  • Low Cost - (approx. cost $2 per label)
  • Easy to Use
  • Small footprint / profile
  • Self Adhesive - Fast Response
  • Range 31°C - 290°C / 89°F to 554°F
  • Accuracy - +/- 1%
  • Shelf Life 12-18 months

How They Work

The indicators white thermographic ink area (square) is manufactured and calibarated to a specific temperature level that turns irreversible (permanent) clear (on a black substrate) when its rated temperature is exceeded. Accuracy 1%. Changes occur in less than one second.

The thermographic ink area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam.

To Apply:
Pull the flexible, self-adhesive label from backing paper. Place on cleaned surface for maximum contact and adhesion. That surface temperature is now monitored for hours, days, months or even years, as long as the indicator is attached. Labels can be submersed.

TipTemp Labels are the most economical, dependable and easily applied temperature recording method. No equipment. No special skills. Apply and inspect at your desired intervals.

Technical advances

How To Read The Label

Change from White To Black/Gray indicates a temperature change has occurred.

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